Real Estate

Real Estate


Mercantile Group has a long history of Real Estate investments in UK, Europe, ME and North Africa.

The group has two main focuses in the real estate sector which are Agency and Investment & Development.

The Agency

The acquisition of Chesterton International in 2005, followed by Humberts in 2008, has increased market visibility for the group and its exposure to a worldwide property portfolio. Chesterton, founded in 1805, is one of the oldest estate agents in UK, has more than 70 offices in UK and is present in 13 countries worldwide.

Investment & Development

Mercantile Group invests in Real Estate through a dedicated platform based in London, “Wellingtons Development” with focus on four major categories:

London Prime
Central London for capital growth.

UK Commercial
Mainly offices near London or other major cities.

UK Development Projects
Operated through our development arm Wellingtons Development Ltd.